Playground Buddies from across the city

What we think

Cottesmore Playground Buddies

“Buddies stay calm. They don’t boss children around.  They help them to solve problems themselves”.

“I love working with younger children and I want them to be happy in school. I don’t like children being alone because I have experienced being alone before”

“There are children without friends who are lonely and upset. These children have us as Buddies so we can help then with their problems and hopefully make them happy. Ancient Adults from years ago might not remember what life was like when they were children”.

Goldstone Playtime Pals

“Playtime Pals are important to our school because they help the helpless children. They create fun with phenomenal games. The Playtime Pals also take children to the office if they are hurt or need a plaster. But the most important part is a child could notice a child which is upset quicker than a teacher”.

Playtime Pals have investigated what other children think:

“I like Playtime Pals because thy help me when I am lonely and hurt myself”.

“They help me when I am lonely”.

“I like Playtime Pals. They are good because they help me a lot”.

St Andrews Playground Buddies

“We organise games, help lonely people, football REF.  It makes you feel responsible and can be stressful. You teach people and learn to deal with difficult situations”.

“It’s good because you can lighten up someone’s day and you never know you could become friends with them!”.

“They make people happy; they make sure games are safe and fun. They make sure people are not sad. They make sure people enjoy school and
if they enjoy school they might work harder”.

St Marks Playground Buddies

“We create peace and no fighting. We make the little ones happy, we help with friendships and make school a safe place.”

“Being a Buddy makes us feel happy, useful, proud and important!”.

“I like being kind to the little kids and playing with them is fun”.

Rudyard Kipling Playground Buddies

“I loved learning new skills and games to play when we had the training!”

“I loved the training especially the drama and role play!”



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