Stop! Think! Go! Helping Year 6s with fears of moving up to High School by Toni, 14yrs.

Teaching Yr 6s STOP! THINK! GO! to help with fears when moving up to High School.


Hi i’m Toni and I am a member of Longhill Safety Squad.  Stop Think Go is a technique to help you make decisions.

STOP – You Stop and check how you’re feeling.

THINK – Think is when you think what to do so you can go for the best decision.

GO – Go and do the safest decision.

Stop Think Go

Stop Think Go

Here is a handout to help you do Stop Think Go by yourself

Safety in Action Week

I find this technique very helpful and I went to Safety in Action Week with  Safety Net. We talked to Year 6s from all different Primary schools all over Brighton.  We found that expereince very helpful to the Year 6s and we did the Stop Think Go technique.

I had a really good day at Carden School talking to the Year 6s. Also that day I even learned some new skills that I did not even know I had. It was a very skillful day. I got the confidence to talk to them when before I was really shy.

I am really looking forward to the Year 6s coming up to Longhill.  I will look out for them as I am currently a Bus Monitor. All of the bus Monitors always look out for everyone. At Longhill we are determined to do the best we can.



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