SNAP Secondary

Hi, I’m Katie and I work in Secondary schools to support young people with various things, as well as transition.

Going up to secondary school is an exciting change and it can take a while to settle in.

Things that are different

  • More children
  • A different timetable
  • More teachers
  • New lesson
  • A bigger building
  • A new journey to school.

Some things stay the same though. All the things we find important at Safety Net are just as important whatever school you are at.

Things that stay the same

  • Everyone has the right to feel safe wherever they are (the playground, the classroom, the bus)
  • There is no problem too big or too small to talk about with someone you trust

We want everyone to feel happy and safe, whatever age they are, which is why we are now running SNAP secondary school courses around Brighton and Hove.

In the session you will be working with a small group (no more than 12) of children and learning some fun and useful skills that help make life better at school and beyond. We play games, discuss ways to deal with situations you might worry about and you will learn ways to make you feel happier.

We have recently had sessions at Longhill Hill School, Hove Park School, Varndean, Dorothy Stringer, Cardinal Newman and Blatchington Mill.

Advice from young people who have attended SNAP at secondary school:




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