SNAP for Friendship

 A group of students from Hove Park School took part in SNAP sessions, adapting the techniques such as early warning signs, stop think go, helping hands and how to be assertive, with a specific focus on how to deal with friendship issues. 

“I would recommend this for other young people with the same kind of problems to look at the website to…use our piece of work to try and sort out their problems.”





What Makes a Good Friend?


Issues that can affect Friendships


Our Advice for Other Young People When Dealing With Friendship Issues

  • Be calm not aggressive if you argue with friends.
  • It’s up to you who to be friends with!
  • Don’t break up with friends just because other people told you to.
  • Be true to yourself!
  • Think about all your options before you act!
  • Use ‘I’ statements (I feel…)



Friendship Contract


 What we thought of the SNAP sessions!

‘It was fun to see from others point of view about each other.’

‘The SNAP group has really helped me to do a lot of things. The first one is to use ‘I’ not ‘You’ because you solve problems better. Also the SNAP group taught me how to open up to my friends and tell them how I feel.’

‘SNAP group work has helped me and my firends have ways to get along and to express our feelings, it has also made me more confident.’

‘I think SNAP has helped our friendship loads. It helped us to sort our problems out with out having a big falling out.’

‘I felt like it helped our group become better and more trustworthy. Also, we now all are honest and more of a group.’


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