SNAP Activities

Early Warning Signsearly-warning-signsFeelings we get in our bodies that tell us we are feeling unsafe, worried or scared. If we learn to listen to them we can see dangerous and unsafe situations before they get out of control. There are times when it’s O.K. or fun to feel scared……..A scary Movie, before a big concert or play. Click on the picture on the left to have a look at some of the Early Warning Signs you may experience.


Draw your own helping hand – A Helping hand is a really easy and useful tool that you can use when you need to talk to someone. We’ve created a worksheet so that you can make one for yourself. You can download the worksheet and print it or read the instructions on the computer. Draw your own helping hand by clicking on the Helping Hand title.

Superhero – A List of Smiles. A brilliant thing to do is write down a list of things that make you happy. It could be anything: playing tennis, eating strawberries and cream, listening to your favourite singer. Everyone’s list will be different. Write down as many things as you can on your list and add pictures, colours, photos…



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