Top Tips for Moving Up To Secondary School

Bethany’s Top Tips

Hi! I’m Bethany and I go to the SNAP Steering Group and have been bullied in the past. I really enjoys coming to SNAP and feel much more confident in standing up for myself in a positive way.  I want other children to feel positive too and here are my tips for what can be a scary time, moving up to Secondary school!

Tips for making friends:

  • Smile
  • Ask questions
  • Say to myself “This person is a bit left out, shall I ask them…..
  • If they are lonely, go ask them if they want to play.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Ask what their names are.
  • If they tell you to go away, say “ok then, I’ll be over here if you want me.”
  • Write all your friends down on a piece of paper and 1 reason why they are a good friend.
  • I was the only one going from my school but I made friends within a week.
  • There will be other people in your tutor group who are going to the same lessons as you, so stick with them!

Tips for staying safe on the bus:

  • Follow other kids from your school
  • Get to know alternative buses that you can get.

If you’re worried about bullying:

  • When I see them I put my head down and block my ears.
  • Have a witness.
  • Try to make sure you are with friends.
  • They will get fed up with it if they see it doesn’t work.
  • I go to the Swan Centre at Falmer as there are people there who can help me.
  • Write a statement of what’s happening.
  • When I am on my own, I pretend I’m an actor from M.I High-I say things that I think they would say or say things that someone I admire would say.
  • Pick 3 positive things to say in your head about yourself (broken record).

Remember the people on your helping hand and make sure you talk about your worries with someone you trust.

by Bethany, 13yrs.


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