Playground Buddies Peer Support Forum

Learning new playground games at the Buddy Bash 2010

Safety Net arranges regular forums across the city where Playground Buddies and a member of staff can get together with their peers from other schools. The Playground Buddies Support Forum put together the videos on why Playground Buddies are important. If you haven’t already please take a look

Meeting with other Buddies the children can share the highs and lows of their roles and can encourage one another to keep motivated, share playground games and positive ways of working. In 2010 the Playground Buddies with the help of Safety Net staff put together a huge celebration event at Brighton Racecourse. This was attended by 150 Playground Buddies. They were able to take part in a number of workshops; drama, yoga, graffitti, rock climbing, martial art, drumming, to name just a few and at the end there was a disco! This was a great way of them celebrating all they had achieved as Playground Buddies.

Watch a member of the Playground Buddies Peer Support Forum investigates why his teacher thinks Playground Buddies are so great!

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