Moving Up to Secondary School

Moving up to secondary school can be an exciting and nerve wracking experience.

We have helped children prepare for this big change with SNAP, SNAP-ITS, Personal Safety Sessions, and Feeling Good Feeling Safe.

There are a lot of different feelings you might have about moving up to secondary school like:

Happy – to make new friends, to have new teachers, to learn different things, to go on school trips.

Sad – to leave the safety of primary school, to leave friends, to leave your teacher.

Angry – getting up earlier, getting more work and more difficult work, wearing a uniform.

Scared – getting lost, being the new ones, being the youngest, being the smallest, being bullied.

We have worked with a lot of different children and most of them talked about these different feelings in one way or another – just so you know this is really normal and there are people who can help and listen to you.   Here  is an activity you can do to identify different people who can help you.

Some of you may see us at Safety In Action or transition day at the level.

Safety In Action

Safety In Action  – who we’d report to for online safety 

Safety In Action thumbs down

Safety In Action thumbs down – what we don’t like on the internet


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