School Safety 2

  • Do you and your friends feel happy and safe in the school playground?
  • Do you want to help other children feel safe at school?
  • Do you have concerns about moving up to secondary school?
  • Do you feel your journey on the school bus could me more enjoyable for everyone?

School can be a scary place for some people. Safety Net staff work with you putting your ideas into action to help make everyone happy and safe at school.

You can find out about Playground Buddies who are children who help other children at school playtimes, to sort out problems and make sure you are not lonely.

We run SNAP in Primary and Secondary Schools to help you stand up for yourself without being mean.  Some of the children, who have been on these courses, have written some top tips about moving up to Secondary School, which have helped them and will hopefully help you too.

One of the things many of us worry about when moving up is travelling on the school bus. You can find out more about what other young people have done to make their journeys safer and happy.


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