Why SNAP? By the SNAP Kids


So how do you feel now? Do you feel you want to come to SNAP? We think you should!

  • It will boost your confidence.
  • You will make new friends.
  • You will learn new skills and different ways to respond to bullying situations.
  • It will be fun!
  • It is the best thing to teach you how to be more confident.

There is no point of being worried because the workers are really kind.

Children who’ve come to SNAP said these things about it…

“It helped me because it is great for me to stand up for myself”

“I want there to be more sessions, I liked playing the sausage game and role playing.”

“Stop Think Go will help me.”

“This was fun, I want to do it again.”

“Really fun games, Tam is very friendly, good teaching.”


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