How do you learn to be assertive?

What Happens at SNAP

At SNAP you learn how to stand up to bullies in different ways by being assertive.

SNAP is a bit like a learning centre that you learn how to stand up for yourself. We do a bit of role play learning passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour so we can practice confident responses to situations that may happen.

It’s nothing like school, you don’t sit and write. You draw some pictures, do some cutting and sticking, a little bit of writing, play games and talk about boosting your confidence.

You will learn about Early Warning Signs, these are noticing when your body is trying to tell you that you feel unsafe like when your hair stands on end or parts of your body might feel wobbly like a jelly.

We make helping hands. These are when you draw round your hand and write on the fingers adults you can trust to talk to. In the palm you think about pets and friends who you can chat to and up the wrist we think about those who are paid to keep us safe like the police.

So how do you feel now?

Do you feel you want to come to SNAP?
We think you should!




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