Safety Net Assertiveness Project - SNAP

dragon helping handSNAP is a programme for children and young people aged 8-16 who live or go to school in Brighton and Hove.  We teach life skills which will help you if you have been bullied, or if someone or something is making you feel worried or upset.  If you would like to join a SNAP group you or your parent/carer or teacher can call or email us to let us know. There are SNAP sessions in Primary and Secondary schools. Call 01273 411 613 or email

If we are not running a session in your school we can call them and offer to run one.  There are usually lots of children who feel worried or unsafe and would like the support just like you.

Do you know what SNAP stands for?

Safety   Net  Assertiveness  Project

Safety Net is a charity that works at keeping children safe. If you want to learn more why not look at the website

Assertiveness is how to stand up for yourself without being mean.

Project (or Programme) is because the SNAP work will grow and change as we tell the workers what we want,  like setting up the Steering Group. We could have more support groups and more children learning about SNAP.

SNAP Secondary
– these sessions can help you with friendship issues, keeping yourself safe online, body image, and bullying.


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