Peer Pressure

So what does peer pressure mean???

This is when someone your age (a peer) pressurises you (pushes you) to do something – that may make you feel ok about it, but it also may not.

Our friends and the people around us at school influence us – positively and sometimes negatively.

So the question is how to deal with peer pressure and remain cool as a cucumber?


1) Stop – how are you feeling? Do you feel safe, comfortable, certain about the request?

2) Think – what are your options? what are the consequences of these options?

3) Go – make the choice which makes you feel safest, happiest and calmest.


Lets think of some ways of replying to a peer so that you can say no and still feel comfortable:

Saying No: “Sorry, man. That’s just really not my thing. You can go ahead though if you want to. I won’t judge.”

Dismissing the question: “No, thanks.  I’m not interested right now.”

Distraction:  “Hey, I almost forgot…did you hear about what happened to Jodi?” or “What about Man U and Arsenal at the weekend?”

Make an excuse:

– Pretend to get a phone call from your parents.

– “Remember” a date you were supposed to be going on soon.

– “Realize” how late it is and say that you’re super tired from not sleeping well the night before.

Turn it back on them: “If you think it’s such a good idea, you do it.”



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