I faced my fear

“I faced my fear with Safety Net” By Sam, 13yrs, member of Longhill Safety Squad

Risking on Purpose! Longhill Safety Squad met with Adventure Unlimited.

At Adventure Unlimited we did an exciting obstacle course, involving swampy ropes and deadly jumps, also a flip of doom.  Then we did the big swing game where we were
on a scary rope and whilst on that we had to threw six different sized balls into a pot (whilst swinging).

Then the big one, the Zip Wire! We had to climb a huge tree on two very wobbly ladders, after the scary climb we had to sit on a log and get tied up to the wire, then, JUMP!

It felt as if I was flying, it was a great experience and I thank Safety Net for giving me the chance to have a go at one of my biggest fears.

by Sam, 13yrs (Longhill Safety Squad)


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