Before and after an assertiveness course

Kids share how they felt before and after an assertiveness course

At one of our SNAP Steering group sessions we were asked to imagine Dr Who had joined us and with his help we travelled back in time to meet our old selves the morning of our first SNAP!

We asked our old selves how we were feeling:

I felt really confident when the day came, but the night before I wasn’t myself and I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

I felt nervous because I didn’t know everyone and before SNAP I felt as small as a pea when I kept getting bullied, like a broken record over and over again and I thought it was going to happen at SNAP!

Me Now: How did I feel the night before my first SNAP?

Me Then: I am excited and nervous at the same time and I can’t sleep!

Me Now: How did you feel about being bullied?

Me Then: I feel like I want to move school and just run away from it and NEVER come back. I really hate the bully and feel sad.

Enough is enough I have had it with all of this I don’t want it to happen anymore aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had low self esteem and was low in confidence.

We told our old selves that AFTER coming to SNAP you will feel…

We told ourselves

None of us knew much about SNAP before coming but now we know what to expect we described it to our old selves…

It’s ok to feel scared. This is normal, other children will feel like this too so be brave and come to SNAP.


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