How do you stand up for yourself? By the SNAP Kids

When we are in a tricky situation we can often react in 3 different ways.


When you are being assertive you use “I statements” to explain how you feel.

People who are being assertive keep a calm and low tone of voice.

Use good eye contact to show that you are listening calmly to the other person.

This is the best behaviour to use to keep yourself safe.

You can practice being Assertive by playing the sausage game.


When a person is being passive, they may make themselves look small and avoid eye contact.

Sometimes people who are being passive may cry and use a quiet tone of voice.

Being passive means that you may go along with something even though you know it is wrong because you are too scared to say no.


Being aggressive is not the same as standing up for yourself, it is acting as if you are more important than another person.

Aggressive behaviour includes shouting, swearing , threatening or hurting someone on purpose.

When someone is being aggressive, they may stare at you, or invade your personal space.

Download our fun leaflet to find out more about different behaviours

A SNAP Seeker investigates what are you Asertive, Passive or Aggressive.


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