Support from M.P.s and Councillors

Many children and young people who have worked with Safety Net have helped spread safety messages far and wide to their peers, family, friends and those in important positions. This page shows the support we have from M.P.s and Councillors.

“The work done by children in this project should inspire everyone, including local politicians, to work for communities where all young people are safe and respected, where they can be whoever they want to be and become whatever they want to be.”

Councillor Warren Morgan

“All of the young people were really engaging, and their passion for successfully tackling bullying behaviour was evident.   It was interesting to learn just how valuable th Safety Net project is to so many young people.  Keep it up!”   

Councillor Stephanie Powell  

 “The safety of our children is the number one priority for families and communities across Brighton & Hove. Safety Net’s work to improve children’s lives, helping to reduce bullying and supporting families and those who work with children is a vital service for our City”.

Councillor Andrew Wealls

“I am sorry I am unable to visit you personally at the present time however I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am with the work you are undertakinto combat bullying and help create a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for your fellow pupils. Bullying should not be tolerated under any circumstances, it makes life miserable for the individual on the receiving end and the perpetrator is left with a feeling of authority which is undeserved and unwarranted. By being aware of the problems which bullying causes you can help make your school a safer and happier place for all pupils to attend.”

Simon Kirby M.P.

“Bullying is a horrible experience for many children at school and this anti-bullying event is to be congratulated for highlighting the problem and involving so many young people.  The work done by these young people to keep other children safe at school is really impressive and they deserve our appreciation and thanks”.

Councillor Jeane Lepper


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