Safety Net Awards Ceremony


On Thursday 24thNovember 2011 about 220 children, young people and adults, from Brighton and Hove came to the Safety Net Awards Ceremony celebrating their personal achievements in keeping themselves and others in the city safe, as well as celebrating the dynamic Safety Net projects they’ve been involved with.

The ceremony was held at the King Alfred’s ballroom and was decked out with balloons, streamers, sparkling stars and lots of and lots of goody bags.

The awards ceremony saw the Mayor and other local counsillors giving out awards to individuals for their amazing personal achievements and to different projects such as primary school buddy schemes, Longhill Bus Monitors, St Marks and Bevendean Safety Squad, the SNAP Steering Group, etc.  More than 25 children won personal achievement awards for the massive steps they have taken in building their confidence and learning new skills to take care of themselves.

The highlights for most children, as taken from the thoughts tree, was the disco.  Others enjoyed celebrating their own and their friend’s achievements in the awards.  Others definitely enjoyed the goody bags which included a bully proof vest, a safety net wristband, badges and a Safety Manual created by the children of St Marks’ Safety Squad.

We’re looking forward to the next one!!


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