Longhill Safety Squad at Dome Event

Hi! It’s Emma. Longhill Safety Squad were invited to share their achievements at a large scale Brighton & Hove Event at the Dome. The event was called “Reducing Inequality through Engagement”.  This means giving everyone a chance to have their say and get involved with projects whoever they are. Safety Net help children have a voice, particularly by giving me a job to make sure this happens! This is why  we were asked to go to such a special event.  Longhill Safety Squad met with other charities, M.P.s, Councillors and those that make decisions in the Council.

Some of the Longhill Safety Squad members have made a short film to share the day with you. No adult saw this until the editing was complete so be kind if you spot any typos!  Well done Longhill Safety Squad.  All of us at Safety Net are very proud of you!

Emma 🙂

Comments on the film:

“What a fantastic film, so great to see them talking to all those ‘important’ people! I will promote as far and wide as I can. We are hoping to create a webpage or something with everything that came out of the morning  so I will make sure it is included there as well. Thanks so much for sending this on, it’s a great reminder of the event and what we wanted to achieve”.

Lisa Mytton, Development Officer: Events, Community & Voluntary Sector Forum.


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