When the children of Hove were heard

3 months after Emma carried out the community safety consultation with the children of Hove she went back to see them taking with her Councillor Andrew Wealls and PCSO Michelle Shepherd. Both  watched the children’s video with interest and commented on action they had taken or were going to in order to respond to their concerns.

Here are some comments from the children of Hove;

“It was SO helpful. Now I know what to do and not to do. Thank you. Now I know my voice has not been heard.”

“I enjoyed the feeling of being heard and people taking action. Also I am more confident walking by myself”

“I really enjoyed the assembly because it’s good to know our issues are dealt with. I think every year Safety Net should come back because it has built my confidence up about walking to and back from school”

“I would love to do more work with Safety Net because I have really paid attention and you have made me more secure around my community by discussing several situations”

“I thought it was good because they actually took action rather than just listening”

“I really enjoyed it and I am glad that we got the chance to speak to a Councillor and a policewoman about our worries about the community”

“I think it is great that our concerns have actually been heard by people that can do something about it”

“It was a really good opportunity to tell the local Councillor about the issues that we have with Brighton and Hove. It would be really good if we had the chance to do more with Safety Net”.

“I think it’s really good that you can be heard and tell your local Councillor or Safety Net about your concerns and worries”

“I think that Safety Net are great at teaching children and help them to learn the dangers in the street in a fun and exciting way”


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