When the children of Hove were heard by the police

In June PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Michelle Shepherd met with the children of Hove who had taken part in the community consultation. PCSO Michelle watched the footage that had been put together of the children’s drawings and interviews, answered their questions and advised what action she would be taking.

on the 13th July PCSO Michelle sent an email here are some of the things she said;

“it’s lovely to hear that the children now feel more reassured about being in the community and know what actions we are able to take about their concerns and know what to do in different situations. I thoroughly enjoyed coming in for the session… I  have been carrying out the following actions….


The children spoke to me about some graffiti they had noticed, I asked Iceland to clear theirs from they’re back walls and also asked bon marche in George street to clear theirs too.  I will keep an eye out for any more and get it cleared as soon as I see it.

Street Drinkers

We have also been liaising with Rev Jonathon swindles at St Andrews Church regarding the issue of street drinkers and had a meeting two weeks ago there.  Jonathon has agreed that he will not be allowing any street drinkers to congregate in the church grounds to drink and behave anti-socially.  He is supporting us by passing that message to the street drinkers that come regularly to the church grounds and calling in when there are street drinkers in the church yard or sitting outside by the gate and in turn we have been giving the same message to street drinkers and have been moving them on and confiscating their alcohol. We are working with the church on a long term basis and looking at positive ways of supporting street drinkers along with other agencies such as the rough sleepers team.  I can now report this action has dramatically improved the area, a lot of the street drinkers are not coming to this location or George Street on a regular basis now.  Hopefully any children who have to walk past the church grounds or down George street will not be as intimidated by their presence.

We have also been working hard to get an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) placed on one street drinker who has been the cause of most of the anti-social behaviour in George Street.  We are applying to the courts in August and are hoping that the order is granted by them.  This will mean that this individual will have a list of conditions to adhere to in relation to his behaviour and be prohibited from entering George Street amongst other areas specified for two years ”


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