Tackling Smoking on School Buses

Bus Monitor Work

Emma from Safety Net started coming to Longhill High School to work with the Bus Monitors to help make the bus journeys safer. We have all worked together and got some really good ideas.

Tackling Smoking on the School Buses

We met with the Community Against Drugs Team, Becky and Alice as we were concerned about students smoking on the buses. They showed us posters to do with drugs and smoking and the dangers of taking them and what happens if you take them on the bus. We have selected three of these posters and now they are up around school and in our school entrance. We would like to put them on the buses but so far we have not been able to. But, we really hope the word has got round and especially for my year group and to Stop Think Go!

Stop Think Go! is a technique to help you make decisions. I helped Emma teach Stop Think Go to Year 6s all over Brighton during Safety in Action Week.

Follow this link to find out more! Stop! Think! Go! Helping Year 6s


Toni (14 years)


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