Safety on the School Bus with Longhill School

“One of the main causes of anxiety at transition from primary to secondary education is the bus journey to and from school. Longhill High School and Safety Net are working together to provide reassurance to our younger students, and with our trained student bus leaders ‘Safety Net’ have worked to provide our students with invaluable skills and confidence to help make the school buses a more comfortable and secure environment to be in”. Jill Robson, Learning Mentor Longhill School.

“I feel I am now more confident and can solve any problems that arrive.” Member of Longhill Safety Squad

“Having bus leaders is a good idea because it stops students from being too crazy on the school bus. Emma has helped us to get ready to do the job”. Member of Longhill Safety Squad

“Emma I just wanted to let you know of a parent’s comment re the Longhill buses. I have been running the Ready Steady Secondary group for parents at Woodingdean. A mum commented that her child wasn’t feeling worried about using the school buses anymore, as a friend’s child at Longhill had told her it is much better travelling on them now!Well done you for having such an impact on a major source of worry for a lot of children”. Shelley Wyatt, Specialist Family Practitioner – Family Link


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