Grafitti in our park makes us feel unsafe

Hi! We are Bevendean Safety Squad, children who are aged 8-11 and who go to Bevendean Primary School. We want to let others know how great it is to be in a Safety Squad, we hope this information will help you understand what it is all about.

Being a member of Safety Squad makes us feel; GOOD, EXCITED, HAPPY, FUN, GREAT and absolutely HELPFUL. Bevendean Safety Squad is all about working together to make us and other children feel safe in Bevendean.

We have done lots in Bevendean Safety Squad:

If it weren’t for Safety Squad Farm Green Park would not be the way it is now. We asked 400 children from Bevendean School what equipment they would like to play on. Some older children were putting graffiti on this new play equipment. The graffiti made us feel sad and angry. We met with a lovely lady from the Council who stops graffiti.  They then removed the ugly and hurtful graffiti. We have made a film that is shown at groups and schools to helped stop older children from doing the graffiti as they see what it does to other people.

Check it Out! “Grafitti in Our Park Makes Us Feel Unsafe


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