Bevendean Safety Squad feature in National Report

The Government has said that it wants more participation from individuals, groups and communities in decisions that affect them locally.  This has been given the name “The Big Society”.

The good thing is, children could be given a voice and it may result in more opportunities for children, young people and families to be supported.

A national report has looked into this. The researchers feel that more thought is needed on how children can be involved in the Big Society.  They have asked questions like;

“How do we ensure that children and young people – often members of a community with only a small voice – can contribute to the building of and can then benefit from safe and friendly communities?”

In the report they look at ways to create child-friendly communities and how this can bring positive change to the well-being, safety and chances of children and young people.

We are thrilled to say that they spoke with us here at Safety Net and Bevendean Safety Squad features as a case study on page 29. Three children have been quoted!

View the report here



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