About Us

Hi I’m Den,

I am the Children and Young Peoples Team Manager for Safety Net. I have been working here for twelve years and have  written the Buddy programme and the SNAP programmes that we run for 8-16 year olds.

I enjoy my job because I have a wonderful team of workers who have lots of good ideas about working with children.  There are always lots of groups for children to join and ways that we can help and give advice about bullying and keeping  yourself safe. This makes me feel proud and happy at the end of the day!

Hi I’m Emma,

People say I am fun, caring and loud! Being loud is not something people would have said about me when I was at Secondary School. I was bullied a lot and did not know how to handle it. It was a really sad time for me. I hoped that if I ignored it, it would all go away. It didn’t and because I felt unable to speak to adults about it little was done to help me.

My role at Safety Net is to create an atmosphere where children feel comfortable to talk through issues that make them feel unsafe, listen to them and help them make a plan to deal with it. Because of my own experiences I think this makes me even better at my job.

I like to laugh a lot and make sure all my groups involve a bit of silly time so we can all feel good. My confidence has grown so much since I was little that I now do Kung Fu and have even tried Stand Up Comedy! I’m sure if you get involved with Safety Net you’ll have the courage to try new things you dream of doing too!

Hi I’m Pippa,                    

PippaHere are some things that make me happy:

  • Dancing
  • Laughing
  • Banana Fritters
  • Being completely absorbed in a good book or a good film (super hero movies are the best of all)
  • Knitting

I have worked with children and young people for about 10 years.  I used to teach singing and music, I’ve been a music mentor, and I now work as a counsellor.

I love working at Safety Net. I teach SNAP-ITS. Feeling Good Feeling Safe and  I really enjoy seeing children learning new life skills and hearing how much they care about other children.

Hi I’m Tamsin,

I’ve been working with Safety Net since the summer of 2011.

I’m the one you’ll see if your primary school asks for a SNAP group but  I also deliver Personal Safety and Transition sessions.

If you’re thinking about coming to a SNAP group, just give it a try! It’s fun and we play loads of games and practice techniques to help you feel and be safe! It’s so easy and everyone really listens to each other and cares.  So what are you waiting for?


Hi I’m Katie,


I’ve been working at Safety Net for a few years now and work in secondary schools teaching SNAP.

This is a very small picture of me over the summer (I’m at the front) and I helped teach children on Feeling Good Feeling Safe.

I love love love 90’s music. I’m often smiling, friendly and like to laugh.


Hi I’m Nessa,

1601493_522809620835_774301190_nHere are some of the things I like:

– Singing really loudly when I think no-one is watching!
– Nectarines
– Laughing
– Animals
– Going on holiday

I have worked with children and young people for over 10 years now in all different ways; like in Youth Clubs, Youth Buses, detached, in schools you name it I’ve probably done it!

I love working here at Safety Net and working with children and young people in and around Brighton & Hove. I deliver the Playground Buddies training in Infant & Primary schools and also do Secondary SNAP.


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