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Playground Buddies

We are children who help other children at school playtimes, to sort out problems and make sure you are not lonely Find out more


Learn how to stand up for yourself in a nice way.  SNAP Kids can be there to help put you at ease and share what has happened so you don’t feel so alone. Find out more »

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We decided Safety Net should have a better website because we want other children to know about what we do so you can come along or if you are a bit shy you can still learn about helping yourself to be safe from looking on here. About 200 of us aged 8-13 have put together this website with Emma from Safety Net. Emma organised games to get out our ideas, we looked at other websites and thought about how much money it would all cost.

If you have questions about any of our projects, something you have seen on this website or just have a general question about the work we do, please contact Den McCartney at

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